our values


Building a globally diversified and low marginal cost Bitcoin mining business to create a positive outcome for all of the company’s stakeholders. Strengthening the security of the Bitcoin Network by building large scale mining operations powered by renewable energies in multiple strategic crypto-friendly jurisdictions on different continents.

Our Values and Convictions

Increasing relevance of Bitcoins as a primary investment asset class for both private and institutional investors

Environmental sustainability: innovation should not be detrimental to the environment – it should instead deliver positive impacts

Commitment of all our stakeholders from our founding shareholder to our employees, clients and business partners

Transparency and full compliance with all applicable regulations

A meritocratic, balanced, inclusive and stimulating environment for our employees


Strategic targets

Achieving scale

Achieving scale is key as it ensures relevance in the industry, economies of scale, access to cutting edge technology and a competitive advantage in attracting the best talents

Zero carbon

Zero carbon impact and predominant use of green and stranded energy sources are key strategic features that ensure the long-term sustainability of the business

Global presence

Global presence ensures diversification across different types of risks and provides for easier access to growth opportunities

Production cost leadership

Production cost leadership ensures business viability during bear market cycles