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White Rock Management launches its second “green” data center of international importance in Sweden

White Rock Management company, founded by the entrepreneur Serhiy Tron, which invests in innovative technologies, announced geographic expansion and the launch of a modern data center in Sweden in November 2021. The company is planning to expand its business within the territory of Ukraine as well.
Currently, commissioning and preparation works related to the launch of the first batch of computing equipment are being carried out with further development of the facility planned until the design capacity of 20 MW is achieved. This will be the second modern data center opened outside of Ukraine by White Rock Management.
It’s the first time that the company has implemented a project of such a scope deviating from traditional slow build processes and relying instead on modular solutions that enable the deployment of data centers in a short period of time, while providing an unprecedented level of reliability and flexibility at the same time. When implementing such projects, construction and installation work is reduced to solving issues of energy supply, communication systems and site preparation, whereas capital buildings and structures are completely excluded.
This approach makes it possible to stand out among other alternatives. Advanced computing equipment from world leading manufacturers has been used within the project implementation.
The facility is located in the north of Sweden. The location is distinguished by favorable climate conditions, well suited for the operation of data centers, along with low cost of electricity, and a skilled local workforce. It is worth noting that this particular region was chosen for the creation of the Facebook’s first European data center.
In addition to the relatively low cost of electricity, it’s important to stress out that all energy in this region is produced from renewable sources, with 4300MW of 100% renewable hydroelectric generation on the Lule river alone.
“‘White Rock Management continues to build a global network of data centers around the world. By supporting the vector of improving the living environment as a way of contributing to the future of our civilization, this project will allow us to combine energy needs while minimizing costs and environmental damage. After the launch of the project, it is planned to scale the business into other countries, including Ukraine,
thereby creating modern data centers with optimal conditions for such sites’”
– says Serhiy Tron.
The data center is focused on providing high-performance and resilient information infrastructure for the needs of corporate and private clients. In total, there are currently over 150 data centers in Sweden with approximate investments of $ 1.6 billion. Swedish data centers serve the giants of the digital industry: NASDAQ, Amazon Web Services and Facebook.


In the summer of 2021, White Rock Management opened a new data center in the Republic of Kazakhstan with a capacity of over 100 MW. Today, the project of expanding data center operations to North America is in the final stages of development. At the same time a project of a modern data center project in Ukraine is also being developed