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White Rock Management, the company of Ukrainian businessman Sergei Tron, has opened a data center in Sweden

White Rock Management a company of entrepreneur Sergei Tron investing in innovative technologies, has announced the opening of a data center in Sweden. This is the second modern data center in White Rock Management’s portfolio opened abroad in the last 2 months.
The data center is equipped with the latest specialized equipment and operates only using renewable energy sources.
The new data center is located in the northern part of Sweden. In addition to the topographic advantages, low cost of electricity, stable taxation system and support of local authorities, the location has favorable climatic conditions that are optimal for the operation of data centers. The first European Facebook data center was also established in this region.
“‘”White Rock Management” is in a position to form a global network of data centers around the world. It is important to find suitable conditions for the establishment of such companies in order to scale a business in international markets and to implement successful cases for the creation of modern data centers.’

’‘Primarily, to provide energy requirements while minimizing the costs and the harm to the environment. It is Sweden, as well as Kazakhstan, where our first data center has been opened this year, that provide us with such opportunities today.’”
– explains Sergei Tron.
The data center is focused on providing a high-performance and fault-tolerant information infrastructure for the needs of corporate and private clients. In total, there are over 150 data centers in Sweden, in which about $ 1.6 billion have been invested. Swedish data centers serve such giants of the digital industry as NASDAQ, Amazon Web Services and Facebook.
This summer, White Rock Management opened a new data center in the Republic of Kazakhstan with a capacity of over 100 MW. The project to open a data center in North America and the establishment of a modern data center in Ukraine is in the final development stages.